Many women around the world face an internal battle: their breasts swell, skin breaks out, they feel bloated and suffer aches and pains, food cravings intensify, and mood swings take hold, varying from mild irritability to full-on depression. Often, it’s a battle with no end in sight, returning monthly, wreaking havoc, leaving discomfort and frustration in its wake.

For some, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can ebb and flow for up to two weeks before their period finally arrives. How much time is left after this monthly emotional and physical maelstrom? A brief respite before it all starts over again. For many years, lifestyle and over-the-counter pain relievers were the only sources of relief for those affected once symptoms started. But recent studies have uncovered a simple solution to stop PMS before it starts: iron. Over the course of a 10-year study period, researchers found that participants with the highest dietary iron intake were 30% less likely to suffer the effects of PMS than women whose diets contained the smallest quantities of the mineral. Women aged 19-50 have a recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 18 mg per day (10 mg higher than men). What’s the best way to get your iron on the up-and-up and send those nasty symptoms packing? Diet. Eat more iron, beat PMS. Yes, it might be as simple as that. Unfortunately, our busy modern-day lives aren’t always conducive to balance, dietary and otherwise. But there is a simple, delicious and proven option that can give you a shot at health, balance, and relief from PMS. Floradix® is the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in North America, and is specially formulated for easy absorption and assimilation. In fact, over 98% of the iron is available for quick potential absorption. Each 10 mL dose contains 10 mg of iron, making it one of the best sources out there. So, raise a glass of Floradix® to your health, and give yourself a chance of bidding farewell to PMS.