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Employee Spotlight - Melissa Rodriquez

Employee Spotlight - Melissa Rodriguez Here at Flora, we feel as though we're all one big family. Some of us are new to the company while others have been here for 20+ years. We each bring a unique set of qualities to the company. Therefore, we thought we'd post an employee spotlight from time to time so our subscribers can get to know our employees a little better. Name: Melissa Rodriguez Title: Sales Assistant What is Your Role at Flora?: I as...

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School Lunches: A Week's Worth of Ideas

School Lunches: A Week's Worth of Ideas Back-to-school season is here in full force. Get ahead of the game and be prepared with these simple and healthy school lunches. Cram Session: The building blocks of a healthy lunch are: - One handful of veggies - One piece of fruit - A bit of lean protein - Healthy fats - Whole grains - Water (add in a squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange for flavor) MONDAY • Small orange, peeled and sectioned • Wrap: 1/2 whole...

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