What could be better than a warm bowl of homemade soup on a chilly fall day? A warm bowl of homemade soup drizzled with Udo’s Oil (US/CA), like this Tomato Vegetable Soup! By mixing Udo’s Oil into your warm-hug-of-a-meal, not only are you upping your nutritional game with a boost of good fats that are essential for health, you are also improving the absorption of the good fats, the absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients in the soup, enhancing the flavors with added fats, and improving the satiety factor. Like with all hot foods, just be sure to add Udo’s Oil to the meal once it has been removed from the heat source, transferred to a serving dish, and ready to be served! Here is a Tomato Vegetable Soup recipe just begging to be drizzled with Udo's Oil!