7 (+1) Spring Skincare Tips

7 (+1) Spring Skincare Tips

Winter can do a real number on your skin. Between the cold, dry air outside and the hot, dry air inside, your skin can resemble the Sahara by the time it’s over. The mild days of spring have probably already brought some relief, so now’s the time to seize the day and finish the job. To help your skin stay healthy this spring, follow these 7 tips for everyone — plus a bonus tip for folks with varicose veins.

1. Exfoliate

Your skin is constantly renewing itself. You go, skin! Unfortunately, the dead cells on the surface sometimes don’t get out of Dodge fast enough to let the healthy new skin beneath show. That’s where gentle exfoliating can help. This gentle and hydrating natural face scrub recipe harnesses the power of mānuka honey, sugar, and MCT oil to reveal a brighter, smoother, and more radiant complexion—plus a dash of vanilla to add a heavenly scent and anti-aging antioxidants. But if DIY’s not your thing, you can buy a scrub. We don’t judge.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing isn’t just for winter. Your skin may not feel as dry as it did back in skin-hating February (thank goodness), but it still needs some love. Try a lighter lotion if what you were using in winter feels too heavy.

3. Protect

Now that you’re spending more time outdoors and your skin isn’t buried beneath layers of clothing, it’s important to make sure you’re using daily sun protection. Aim for an SPF of 30, with protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

4. Hydrate

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. You can hydrate from the outside, by trapping moisture in with lotion, but it’s just as important to hydrate from the inside. Drink plenty of liquids, especially if you’re exercising outside in warm weather. And eat loads of hydrating foods like berries, cucumbers, lettuce, peaches, watermelon, and zucchini. Luckily, these fruits and veggies are either in season right now or will be soon. Nature is considerate like that.

5. Nourish

Just like you, your skin has favourite foods. Here’s what it likes to nosh on: healthy fats (found in avocados, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds), beta-carotene (found in apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, red bell peppers, and spinach), detoxifying compounds (found in broccoli, cabbage, and kale), and antioxidants (found in fruits and vegetables, plus green tea, red wine, and dark chocolate). Hooray! Another reason to eat chocolate.

6. Take Your Udo’s Oil® Omega 3+6+9 Blend

A convenient way to get the healthy fats your skin craves, Udo’s Oil is made with organic, non-GMO flax, sesame, and sunflower seed oils and provides a carefully balanced blend of three healthy fats in one supercharged product. Cuz we like easy.

7. Take Your Florasil®

Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin looking smooth and youthful. Your body uses the skin-friendly mineral silica to make collagen. Florasil is made from the spring horsetail plant (yay Nature!). Plus, it’s been shown to have superior absorption. That matters, because your body can’t use what it doesn’t absorb.

8. Take Your CircuVein

If varicose veins have ever made you hesitate to don shorts, or if they just feel uncomfortable, CircuVein is your friend. Made from the bioflavonoids diosmin and hesperidin from Spanish oranges, it’s been proven to help reduce the troublesome swelling of varicose veins.