Flora Health

Established in 1965 and headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Flora is a privately owned nutraceutical manufacturer known for high quality whole food supplements, full-spectrum botanical extracts, unrefined seed oils, and European health tonics. With headquarters for the US market in Lynden, WA., and distribution in many countries all over the world, Flora has now expanded to become one of North America’s premier nutraceutical manufacturers.

Both Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd. (international and Canadian headquarters) and Flora Inc. (United States headquarters) house their administrative, manufacturing, quality control, and distribution functions in state-of-the-art facilities, which together encompass over 60,000 square feet.

Flora is wholly owned and operated by Thomas Greither, a third-generation health entrepreneur, who follows in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, Mr. Otto Greither, founder of world-famous Salus Haus in Germany in 1916; and in the footsteps of his father, Mr. Otto Greither, Jr., who turned Salus Haus into one of the most respected manufacturers of elite quality liquid tonics, medicinal teas, tinctures, and tablets in the world.

Flora has grown from its initial roots, as a distributor of European herbal remedies, into a multinational company adhering to high standards for raw material selection, formulation, manufacturing, quality control, and ecological awareness.

Raw Material Selection

Flora utilizes a strict set of standards in the selection of raw materials for all products—from botanical medicines containing standardized or full-spectrum extracts, to herbal teas, to unrefined seed oils, and to nutrient powders. Flora firmly believes that quality begins at this initial stage and invests heavily in either purchasing or growing the highest grade of raw materials. More specifically, Flora employs stringent screening and testing procedures for the two categories of raw materials used—agricultural raw materials and nonagricultural raw materials.

The Quality Control Department inspects each shipment of herbs, and tests are performed to ensure all plant material and finished product meets their specifications for quality. Physical identification, microbial, heavy metal, and pesticide residue standards, as well as active ingredient levels, must all be met using the most advanced analytical methods and equipment.


All Flora formulations utilize the following quality-intensive attributes:

  • The use of vegetarian caps for dry powders and dry herbal extracts
  • The use of vegetarian-sourced raw materials
  • The presence of therapeutic amounts of active ingredients combined with supportive ingredients
  • Prefer the use of value-added fillers
  • No or minimal excipients
  • The use of traditional alcohol/water extraction media where possible
  • The use of organic, nongenetically modified (non-GMO) raw materials


Flora Inc. is a top-tier manufacturing facility due to numerous prestigious certifications which include:

  • ProgramThird-party certified by NPA for dietary supplement GMP.
    Certified as an organic producer and processor
    by Quality Assurance
    International (QAI), a well-recognized third-party certifying agency
  • Registered member of the United States Tru-Label
  • Member of the non-GMO Verified Program
  • Kosher Check

Environmental Responsibility

Flora’s dedication to preserving the environment consists of three initiatives:

  1. The use of the most ecologically friendly packaging for products
  2. Working with farmers to obtain ecologically sustainable supplies of high quality, botanical raw materials
  3. Eco-friendly production policies and procedures in the business