A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Iron

A plant-based Ferritin-Iron made with organic peas. Ferritin is a naturally protein-coated form of iron found in legumes that allows for time release and efficient absorption, minimizing digestive upset.

A Safe, Non-toxic, Iron Supplement

Perfect for anyone looking for a gentle, non-constipating iron supplement, including pregnant and nursing moms!

Healthy Iron Levels

Our clinical studies have shown that plant-based ferritin-iron can effectively maintain healthy iron levels.*

Doctored Developed

With 3 clinical studies and 11 patents behind it, Ferritin+ was developed to really make a difference for anyone with low iron


The Problem

It is estimated that 10 million people in the United States are low in iron, making it the most common nutritional deficiency and the leading cause of anemia. Many healthcare providers recommend taking an iron supplement if you’re low on this essential mineral. But form matters. Some iron isn’t very bioavailable, so you don’t absorb and utilize much of what you take. And most iron is hard on the digestive tract, causing constipation and GI upset.

Are you at risk?

The Solution

Ferritin+ is a breakthrough plant-based Iron supplement with unparalleled bioavailability, clinically proven to increase ferritin iron levels without irritation or constipation. This first-of-its-kind time release technology allows for Ferritin+ to help support your iron levels.* 

How it Works:
Ferritin is the most bioavailable type of iron supplement, meaning it’s more easily digested by the body. Not only does this organic form of iron move easily through the digestive tract, avoiding constipation and other common side effects of iron supplements, more of the supplement is absorbed by the body as it’s digested.

With a daily simple capsule, taking your health back with Ferritin+ is choosing a solution over a Band-Aid in the hopes that one day you might not even need us anymore. With 11 patents and three comprehensive clinical trials, Ferritin+ stands as the most advanced and proficient delivery form of ferritin iron ever to enter the market. Ferritin+’s revolutionary delivery form uniquely protects the gut from constipation and irritation, and helps maintain healthy iron levels.




"Thankfully, I finally found the iron supplement for me!! Ferritin+ @florahealthy (developed by some super-in-tune doctors) is superior in that it gives me more energy, increased mood, and greater concentration. It helps me vibrate higher daily and live my power, while helping my body build and store ferritin iron levels in my body's own natural iron storage systems. (Whew!! Yes!!)"

Lalah Delia @lalahdelia

Author, Spiritual Writer, Wellness Educator, Flora Ambassador

"When I first tried Ferritin+, I was really happy with the results. It didn't mess with my digestion like others had in the past and it's plant based, so it felt like a real win-win for me. While there are many products on the market, I choose Ferritin+ because it's made from organic peas and is backed by three clinical trials and is easy on digestion. I still take Ferritin+ after my pregnancy and probably will always have to supplement."

Domino Kirke-Badgley

Author, Founder, Childbirth Educator, Flora Ambassador

"My favorite Flora product is Ferritin+. I hae a uterine disorder that causes low iron, especially when I menstrate. I have tried numerous supplements but none compare to Flora's Ferritin+ product. My iron levels are restored and I don't get constipated. It's also easy to digest. It's win win! As a birth doula, I work closely with pregnant and newly postpartum people. Majority of my clients are prone to low energy and brainfog due to low iron. I love being able to recommend a plant-based product that works and is easy on their digestive system."

Lindsey Bliss

Author, Founder, Full-Spectrum Doula, Flora Ambassador

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