Alaffia Handwoven African Grass Basket - Oval w/ 2 handles | Panier africain authentique - ovale avec 2 poignées, fond plat Alaffia

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Oval baskets full of colorful fabrics are traditionally part of dowries in West Africa. Created in in Bolgatanga, Ghana in 12 villages with more than 5,000 women basket weavers, the Alaffia weavers work independently in a creative process. Members of Alaffia basket cooperatives receive fair wages and health care for their families in return for indigenous skills and knowledge. This exchange empowers West African communities and preserves cultural heritage. Each basket is completely unique and the leather tag inside is personally signed by a weaver. Made with wild-harvested Savannah grass.

    Please note that each bag is handmade and unique in color & pattern. The bag pictured is indicative of the bags size and style.

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