2020 Supplement Calendar

2020 Supplement Calendar

We’re deep into this first month of a new decade, and hopefully, you’ve had a chance to reflect on what went well for you in 2019 and what needs to be left in the past. If you’re looking for wellness inspiration for the year ahead, look no further than our Supplement Calendar.

Despite the name, it’s much more than just matching supplements with certain times of the year. We’ve included Energetic Quality, Body Organs, Food, Wellness Themes/Activities and Flora Products/Supplements that support your health during the various seasons: spring, early summer, late summer, autumn and winter.

There are natural variations and energetic qualities tied to weather, temperature, daylight and circadian rhythms of the body throughout the seasons of the year that can affect how we feel, what foods we’re attracted to, what activities we’re drawn to and what supplements can support us. This calendar is meant to help tie all of that together to help inspire your wellness routine throughout the year and attract novelty and fresh energy into your life.

We’ll be posting a deeper dive into each season throughout the year as well. Stay tuned for our look at spring in the months ahead!