Athlete Spotlight - Krissy Moehl

Perhaps, no one has seen quite the range of courses as Flora ambassador, Krissy Moehl. She appreciates the opportunities to see the world through the lens of running and is thankful for the miles her body continues to let her cover. In addition to running races and traveling, she is an ambassador for Patagonia, Vasque Footwear, Pro-Tec Athletics, and Julbo. She is the race director for the Chuckanut 50k, coaches athletes, and launched her first book, Running Your First Ultra, December 2015.

Full name: Kristin Elizabeth Moehl Nickname: Krissy Birthday: 10/28/1977 Age I am: 38 Age I feel: depends on the mileage…somewhere in my 30s ;) My occupation: Ultrarunner, Coach, Race Director, Author, Sponsored Athlete What I do for a living: All of the above. I live a creative life that allows huge diversity and creativity in how I pay my bills Resident of: Bellingham, Washington Grew up: Bow, Washington First job: Babysitting Childhood ambition: to stay forever young - I loved Peter Pan! Dodgeball or kickball: Kickball Sunrises or sunsets: Both Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert Morning or night: night Messy or clean: Clean & organized Tea or coffee: Mate (tea) Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate. Dark. Peanut butter or jelly: Both Mac or PC: Mac Ferris wheel or roller coaster: Roller coaster Inspired by: Anyone pursuing passion Biggest supporter: My family and friends Proudest moment: Yet to come... Favorite movie: Hard to choose—some favorites include: About Time. Good Will Hunting. Amelie. Passionate about: Learning new things—about the body & what it can do. Cooking. People. Music when running: Sometimes. What is on my playlist? Oldies but goodies! One word to describe me: Going Wouldn’t be caught dead: At McDonalds. Not many people know: That my degree is in Romance Linguistics Tattoos: 3 If I had a superpower: I do have a superpower—I have an incredible, super efficient cooling system (ie: I sweat buckets) Pets: I hope soon! Perfect day: Wake sans alarm. Mate. Breakfast concoction. Run. Communicate. Cook big meals to share. Yoga. Dinner at sunset. I indulge on: Friends episodes Hidden talent: Spreadsheets Best gift: An unexpected smile or hug Workout routine: Varied! Lots of movement What I eat before a run: Depends on the time of day Amazing meal: Homemade soup with crusty bread to dunk Dessert is: Dark chocolate Midnight snack: Cottage cheese or other protein source Fueled by: Real food Flora products I love: 7 Sources. Floradix Iron + Herbs (US/CA). Epresat Multivitamin (US/CA). Sambu Guard (US/CA). Baobites (US/CA). Average weekly mileage: 65-85 miles Twitter: @krissymoehl Instagram: @krissymoehl Facebook: @krissymoehl Website: