Beets Meet Apple Cider Vinegar: A Love Story

Beets Meet Apple Cider Vinegar: A Love Story

It’s a story as old as time. Two souls meet and the chemistry is instant, the magic palpable. It’s like they were meant to be together, and they can’t imagine how they were ever apart. So it is with one root vegetable and one fermented fruit juice who recently joined forces to create Flora’s new Apple Cider Vinegar Red Beet Wellness Shot.

Meet Beets

Beets are having a moment right now. Popping up in steamed in salads, roasted with fowl, and pickled in charcuterie plates, beets are loved for their sweet, delicate flavor. And, not to diss on their white potato cousin, but this root veggie is chock full of nutrition too. Just look how much a one-cup serving of cooked beets gives you:

  • 34 percent of the Daily Value (DV) for folate
  • 28 percent of the DV for manganese
  • 14 percent of the DV for potassium
  • 10 percent of the DV for vitamin C
  • 10 percent of the DV for magnesium
  • 3.4 grams of fiber!

Beets do more than just supply great taste and good nutrition, though. (They’re overachievers like that.) Beet juice also powers athletes, thanks to its stores of nitrates. When you consume these phytonutrients, your body converts them into nitric oxide—or NO for short. NO is like a hot bath for your blood vessels, relaxing them and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to travel through your body.* More oxygen and nutrients equal more stamina!*

Not a jock? There’s evidence that foods rich in nitrates help you maintain blood pressure already within normal limits.*, That’s good news for just about everybody!

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about beets, which is why we introduced our Red Beet Crystals in 2012. The quick-dissolving crystals deliver all the active constituents of fresh beet juice in a ruby red beverage with a hint of natural sweetness. Now, we’ve added a Red Beet Blend to apple cider vinegar in our latest wellness shot, and folks—they’re perfect together.

Meet Apple Cider Vinegar

People all over the world have used apple cider vinegar as a wellness tonic for centuries. As is often the case, those folks from back in the day were on to something. Now that some research-supported benefits of apple cider vinegar are coming to light, everyone and their mom is discovering the sour drink.

Flora has put a new twist on an old remedy with our line of Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Shots. We carefully blend the highest-quality US-made apple cider vinegar with the cleansing herbs of our classic detox formula, Flor-Essence. The result is the perfect combination of refreshment and revitalization. Because we’ve used a base of apple juice concentrate, these shots are not only teeth-friendly (straight ACV can damage your tooth enamel) but downright delicious.

You can try Turmeric & Cinnamon, Ginger & Lemon Flavor, Elderberry… and now, Red Beet!

We don’t like to brag, but we think it’s a match made in heaven.


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