Celebrating 100 years of Environmental Commitment with Salus Haus on Earth Day

Earth Day

If we take a holistic view of the world, people and the environment must have the same rights,” Mr. Otto Greither.

Environmental Consciousness

Salus Haus is a proud member of the Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency Group of the German Economic Association, holder of the Environment Award from the German Federal Working Committee for Environmentally Conscious Management (B.A.U.M.) and a partner in the AlbKräuterwelt, an herb garden stretching over more than 20,000 m2. They are often praised for their effort and success in environmental management. Some of the most recent highlights include:
  • 2013 – Electric power used was 100% green, 90% generated by Salus’ onsite hydroelectric plants
  • 2014 – Recognized as a Climate Protection Company
  • 2016 – The first company of their kind to reach 20 years in the EU’s Eco Audit (EMAS) program

Organic Raw Materials

Salus never uses any GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). The use of organically grown herbs is promoted with enthusiasm throughout the company. In fact, with over 20 years of persistent care, Salus has built their groundbreaking organic herb farm in southern Chile, ensuring ecologically sound and socially compatible cultivation of their medicinal plants.

The Salus Alluvial Forest Biotope

Salus has 3 farms in the province Araucaria, covering a surface of 600 hectares, supplied with crystal clear water from the glaciers of the nearby Villarrica volcano. 100 medicinal plants and herbs, including endangered plants, grow there, and farmers and scientists work to continually develop natural methods of fertilizing, drying, and pests and weed control. In Bruckmühl Germany, along an idyllic mountain river, is a natural paradise called the Salus alluvial forest biotope. Donated by Salus owner Otto Greither to the community in 2000, it is home to a natural history museum and intact flora and fauna to be preserved for generations to come.

A Commitment to Biodiversity

Salus is committed to uphold their responsibilities from the biodiversity convention held in Rio de Janeiro, including;
  1. preservation of biodiversity
  2. the sustainable use of biodiversity
  3. the balanced and fair distribution of opportunities arising from the use of biodiversity, particularly genetic resources.
They believe that just like cultural sites, biodiversity of animal and plant species are “national heritage".

Time to Celebrate!

Salus celebrates their 100 year anniversary in 2016, and they make a point to celebrate Earth Day not only on April 22, but every day of the year.