Cheers to a Happy Bladder

Why is it that women are more likely to get UTIs throughout their lifetime compared to men? It may just come down to the fact that women are born with a shorter urethra (duct from bladder) than men. Therefore, bacteria are more likely to succeed in causing infections due to the shorter travel distance. What a disadvantage! Burning sensation when urinating, foul odor, or frequent urge to urinate are no strangers to those who’ve suffered from UTIs. Girlfriends, why put up with the pain and discomfort when you can eliminate it at its root? Let’s bring reinforcements to our urinary system because it labors very hard every day to eliminate liquid waste from our bodies and protect us from the pathogenic invaders. Did you know that we pass on average 1-2 litres (quarts) of urine each day? So, making sure that we do not pick up any unhealthy guests along the way is crucial. Fear no more ladies! E. coli and their companions have no chance to break in thanks to Cran•Essence (US/CA).

Cran•Essence is a delicious herbal infusion that keeps your urinary tract and bladder healthy and facilitates wastes and toxin removal.

This full-spectrum formula combines the powerful diuretic effects of Juniper berry, Parsley seed, Heather flowers and leaves, Knotgrass, and Rupturewort, soothing and astringent herbs like Yarrow, Calendula, and Uva ursi and strong antiseptic herbs like Juniper berries, Uva ursi, Heather, and Calendula. The most awesome and delicious of all ingredients is the Cranberry juice, being praised for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Cran•Essence is our natural antiseptic remedy! Written by: Kelly Hoang. Product Information Specialist. Been with Flora for 8 years. Passionate about natural health and healthy eating. Enjoys learning and talking about the amazing health promoting products Flora offers. Helping people with their health issues and concerns and sharing their stories has allowed me to grow and build so much confidence and knowledge.