So You've Done a Cleanse...Now What?

So You've Done a Cleanse...Now What?
Many of us woke up on New Years Day feeling the after-effect of a month of indulgences. The tired, foggy, exhausted feeling that can inspire even the most dramatic dietary changes and cleanses. And now it’s a few months later and we’ve persevered. We’ve even enjoyed some of it (isn’t an evening mug of Flor-Essence (US/CA) surprisingly lovely?), and now what? Where do we go from here? How do we continue these great feelings of health and vitality in normal life? Are we destined to go back to the low energy/low mood feelings we felt before our cleanse? Happily, the answer is no. You really can feel fantastic while living (fairly) normally. You can even drink coffee again, just as long as it’s a cup or two (not a pot or two) per day.

There are a few things to keep from your cleanse life:

1. Lemon and water in the morning—this is a very easy habit to get into and is beneficial year round. Squeeze ¼ to ½ a lemon in room temp water and enjoy first thing in the morning. 2. Lots of fruits and veggies—plant-based foods = energy! Have fruit for a mid-day snack, and try to include some veggies in each meal. 3. Flor*Essence cleanse when you crave it—the beauty of this lovely herbal blend is that it’s gentle and effective. If you crave it, have it. 

And there are 3 powerful supplements that can keep your energy high and your body happy all year long:

1. Adult's Probiotic (US/CA)—my fave probiotic, just one-a-day will keep your digestive system running like clockwork. 2. Udo’s Oil (US/CA)—we’re collectively healthy fat deficient, and we can see it in our dry skin. This functional fat provides a range of plant-based oils, cold-pressed to retain all of their natural anti-inflammatory properties. Take 1-2 tbsp. per day. 3. B 50 Complex (US/CA)—Get a boost of all day energy from this vitamin complex. This is important for anyone with a high-stress/high-caffeine lifestyle. About the author: Lisa Kilgour Lisa Kilgour is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Founder of, and A faculty member at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.