Fatherhood & the Challenge of Time

Fatherhood & the Challenge of Time

I've looked forward to being a dad for a long time.

Even while I was still in college, I remember someone telling me I have a father spirit. That stuck with me, hoping that one day I would get to be a dad. I studied developmental psychology because I have always enjoyed understanding how a person grows and matures. My summer jobs were always in daycares because I like mentoring. Perfect transition into fatherhood, right? Not really! I realize now how little I understood about its obstacles—especially the challenge of time.

In races, time is very important. In fatherhood, time feels like even more of a challenge.

Long gone are the days when I would spend a few hours every day by myself. Journaling, reflecting, taking my time, making sure my immune system was doing well and I was getting enough sleep. Now, I have no choice but to be adaptable, have an open mind about how the day—and night—might play out.

The things I can do to take care of myself these days have to be very time efficient.

I also need to consider that the health of my entire family is just as important as my own. If I get sick, everyone is affected. If my son gets sick, we all suffer together. And one stomach bug can do some real damage to the household.

This is why I like having a cupboard full of Flora Health products.

We regularly use the Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks, Elderberry Crystals, and Acerola Powder for our immunity concerns. It's a huge blessing that the Elderberry Crystals comes in a kid-friendly version! The ACV drinks are delicious on their own, but we’ve really liked mixing Elderberry Crystals and Acerola Powder into either apple or orange juice. Adding a probiotic to the combo has also been a habit we've adopted.

Perhaps as I learn to better handle this role, I'll be able to multitask a bit better. For now, I’m continuously looking for time-efficient solutions to take care of myself and my family. Thank you, Flora!

Flora ambassador Mario Mendoza loves trail running, competing, and how the sport can impact the world. He will always be a runner, but right now as he still has the joy and fire to compete, he is hoping to use that platform and be a good influence.