Gifts for Mom that Keep on Giving


While there’s one official day to celebrate moms, this recognition, appreciation, and love ought to carry over throughout the year. What can you do to help make this happen? We’ve rounded up some key self-care items, formulated specifically with women in mind, to help the moms in your life feel loved and cherished every day.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of...


A mother’s affection ought to be rewarded with something equally sweet—Manuka Honey is the perfect gift with a long list of bee-autiful benefits. For centuries, this sweet salve has been used by the aboriginal people of New Zealand in folk medicine, prized for its antimicrobial properties due to its high levels of beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidant properties. The benefits of Manuka Health New Zealand’s Manuka Honey can be ingested straight up, with a daily spoonful, dissolved into a warm drink for a sweet and soothing concoction, even used as a disinfecting and calming face mask.


A time out in the middle of a busy day can be a lifesaver, and what better excuse than a hot cup of tea. Flora carries a wide variety of herbal tea blends to help calm and soothe. Want to give mom a warm hug on a rainy day? A hot cup of Flora Cranberry with Rooibos Tea just might do the trick. Or, looking to help her relax at the end of a busy day? A few sips of Flora Soothing Chamomile Tea might be the comforting pick-me-up she’s craving.

...a fresh start.

With a 24/7 schedule, it’s not always easy for moms to face the world looking fresh-faced and energized. Give the mom in your life the gift of rejuvenation with a natural skin cream to help promote a more toned, radiant complexion. Flor•Essence® Rejuvenating Cream brings together seven skin-protecting and replenishing herbs, including burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, kelp, watercress, blessed thistle, and red clover, for a natural way to moisturize, protect, and soothe skin.