In Search of Winter

In Search of Winter

Lindsay Young (@eatyoungnutrition) is a Holistic Nutritionist, who Flora has been working with for the last couple of years. When Lindsay welcomed Rosy, a Great Dane puppy to her family in May, we were excited to introduce her to our BiologicVET line of pet care products. Join us as we follow Rosy’s growth, development, and of course her puppy antics over the next 6 months. If you are one of the many people who added a fur-friend to your family during the COVID-19 quarantine, you can probably relate to Lindsay’s experiences with Rosy… so follow along!

In Search of Winter by Lindsay Young

It’s December in B.C., and we haven’t seen snow yet. Itching to find it, and for Rosy to experience her first snowy wonderland, we headed up into the mountains before sunrise.

At 6:00 AM with coffee in hand we drove about an hour just upwards. One of the beautiful things about B.C. is traveling into the mountains. There is something about watching your town disappear below and the air grow colder as you march on.

Rosy is a great car companion. She lays down in her very own back seat (and takes up all three seats comfortably) with her paw on the door. Just by pure luck she triggers the button to open her window, and both my boyfriend and I reach to close it. Not today, Rosy, it is too cold for the window open.

We finally reach our destination. Snowshoe trails already carved out for us through forest. It is 7 o’clock and the sun is starting to rise and illuminate the sky bright red.

Rosy is apprehensive, even off leash. She is somewhat shy in new situations and I can tell right away there are lots of smells she can’t really pin down. We can hear what sounds like a pack of dogs, or perhaps coyotes, barking in the distance. She seems shocked by this, staying close to whichever one of us is taking the lead down the trail.

As the sun rises the mood feels a little less tense. When we arrived, we weren’t sure what wildlife we might encounter, but with the light grazing each branch a little higher even Rosy takes her guard down. She jumps into the deep snow and sinks, her long legs becoming her saving grace. Snow seems to constantly cover the tip of her snout. She’s providing us endless entertainment. Just her sheer joy at the new and exciting world of snow is enough to make us smile ear to ear.