Introducing FloraSil: Rock Out with your Claws Out!

Introducing FloraSil: Rock Out with your Claws Out!

I think most of us would agree there is no better feeling than long nails tickling your back. I can trade almost any house chore with my hubby for back scratches. If eyes are the windows to the soul, nails are the self-expression of our self-value. They indicate hygiene, health, and creativity. (Yes, it’s normal to be checking out your nails right now.)

And how about the six-word sentence that can ruin your morning? “I’m having a bad hair day.” What exactly does that consist of? Tangles, thin stringy strands, hair loss, maybe even a little winter wonderland of dandruff. As my girl Taylor Swift says, "shake it off”, I got good news coming! Advertising often distracts us into thinking it’s what we slather on top of our sexy bods that makes a difference, when truly what is digested directly into our system has the largest effect on gorgeous locks, radiant skin, and barter-worthy nails. The beauty of our hair, skin, and nails are a direct indication of the beauty of our inner health. What we ingest and send to all the cells in our body feeds these exterior symbols of wellness. All right, lean in my friend, I’m about to reveal the top nutrient our hair, skin, nails, and even bones will share like sister wives! Silica! FloraSil (US/CA) by Flora helps restore natural beauty and is produced according to Dr. Louis Kervran’s patented extraction method developed at the University of Paris. Sounds fancy huh? Well you can kick off your heels & slide on your cozy slippers because this particular method creates the easiest absorbed form of silica to us. Thank you, Dr. Kervran! Supplementing with a high quality vitamin is like giving your body a back up plan in the case you’re not consuming, digesting, or meeting your daily needs. For example, due to processing and over-refining, silica-rich foods can lose their content. Some highlights that will make your skin glow with joy:

• FloraSil’s extraction method ensures the highest bioavailability and assimilation by the body. No expensive bright yellow pee here!

• This particular silica is obtained from spring horsetail (a plant, not Mr. Ed’s mane) using water instead of chemicals. A shout out to the higher concentration of bioflavonoids in the plant, it contains even more soluble silica.

• Want to preserve the world we live in? Hey, so does Flora by using environmentally friendly amber glass bottles.

• Don’t care for claws and paws in your supplements? We got you covered with vegetarian/vegan capsules.

• Artificial is a dirty word in my book. There are absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives.

Go grow a ponytail strong enough to be pulled. Get glowing skin that makes other say, “I’ll have what she’s having.” And lastly, nails so beautiful when you talk with your hands, you mesmerize with more than just your words. Beauty powered by FloraSil.
About the author: Jill Anenberg Lawrence
I’ve always lived a healthy life and found myself constantly giving nutrition and fitness tips to others. I decided to make this love affair official by receiving expert training as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and studying under Dietician Keri Glassman becoming Nutritious Life Certified. I'm also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching.