My Heart Beets for You!


Did you know that the heart beats on average 80 times per minute, 4,800 times per hour, and an epic 115,200 times per day? During exercise our heart works much harder and pumps blood faster to supply our body's cells with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function more efficiently.

Beets have been in the spotlight and made several headlines over the past few years. Research on red beet juice has shown it supports muscle performance during exercise. This is thought to be due to the nitrate content of beet juice. Beetroot is undeniably the richest source of dietary nitrate when compared to his foodie friends. Nitrate is broken down by saliva into nitrites, which then turn into nitric oxide in the body. This is a gaseous signaling molecule that is beneficial in small amounts by causing vasodilatation: blood vessels relax, blood pressure normalizes, and tissue perfusion of oxygen and nutrients improves. Salus uses a patented mechanical pressing process which breaks open the cell walls in beets and releases a full spectrum of active constituents of the plant (flavonoids, essentials oils, polysaccharides, etc.), unchanged in their natural form.

Flora Red Beet Crystals are 9 times as concentrated by weight as red beet juice and they are free of artificial preservatives. This versatile food will boost the nutritional value of your pre/post workouts smoothies, breakfast bowls, and soups. The crystals can be sprinkled on salads, substituted in baking recipes that call for red food coloring, or mixed into water for a hint of sweetness. Keep that heart 'beeting' strong with Flora Red Beet Crystals! Made with love from Flora! Happy Valentine’s Day!