Thinking Deeper About Our Impact


I’ve always been concerned with how much impact I have personally on the world. I try to do as much as I can to reduce my impact, from putting up solar panels and riding my bike to using as many reusable items as I can. But this has become more of a challenge within the last year as I’ve become a small business owner.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get in the habit of doing whatever it takes in order to make a buck and consider our own wellbeing or the convenience to our customers as being more important than environmental protection.

After a year of operation, seeking advice, and implementing sustainable solutions I’ve found it’s not only possible but necessary for us to make these changes and become responsible environmental stewards in an industry (running and sports) that relies on a clean environment. It’s the right thing to do.

When I started as an ambassador for Flora, that was one of the key ingredients (pun intended) I respected most. Flora products are made from ethically-sourced ingredients, their oils are plant-based rather than from fish, and they seriously value sustainability and giving back to our planet. I appreciate Flora’s conviction and have continued to use many of their products to keep me healthy and performing at my highest level as an athlete.

As consumers, we can speak with our purchasing power by doing a little research on who we are doing business with and what we are purchasing. From food and nutritional items off the store shelf to making sure the races we enter are working toward environmental sustainability. Whenever you pull out your wallet, consider your impact.

Max King is a Flora Ambassador and Salomon Running athlete living and working in Bend, OR. He recently became a Bend Marathon race director and is working toward a sustainable event through reducing energy consumption, reducing waste with reusable materials, and sourcing local. Follow him on Instagram at @maxkingor.