Does Iron Give You Energy

Does Iron Give You Energy

A Simple Fix for Fall Fatigue

There are plenty of reasons to love fall. The colors are beautiful, the brisk weather is invigorating, and those warm sweaters are finally coming out of hiding. Typically, it’s a time to reset, especially if you have kids heading back to school. But if you’re not feeling fall the way you usually do, you’re not alone. It’s different this year.

Feeling Spent?

Maybe you’re still working from home, living alone, and feeling isolated from your peers (thanks, pandemic!). Or perhaps you’ve got kids who are hitting the books at the dining room table instead of at school, and you’re trying to supervise their schoolwork while scrambling to get your own work done. (Can we get a witness?) Or you might be a frontline essential worker, putting your health on the line day after day. (If so, our hats are off to you!)

Whatever your exhausting situation, Floradix® Iron + Herbs may help. Not by ending the pandemic. (We’re change makers but we’re not miracle workers!) But by providing iron — a key mineral for keeping your energy levels up.

Iron: The Energy Mineral

Iron helps your body make hemoglobin, a key component of red blood cells. Hemoglobin is what carries oxygen all over your body, not unlike the delivery trucks bringing all the essentials to your house these days. Oxygen is a crucial package because it unlocks the energy from the food you eat. If the hemoglobin truck is delayed, you may find yourself low on oxygen — and energy.

Things That Deplete Iron

Heavy periods (or any kind of excessive bleeding), intense athletic training, and pregnancy can all deplete the body’s stores of iron. But so can many of the foods and drinks we turn to when we’re stressed, such as soda, chocolate, tea, coffee, and dairy products. In other words, if your iron levels were already borderline, and you’re drinking extra caffeinated beverages to keep up with the pressures of the pandemic, or you’re comforting yourself with chocolate and cheesecake, you could be pushing your iron levels down even further.

Who’s Deficient in Iron?

More people worldwide are deficient in iron than any other vitamin or mineral. In fact, up to 12 percent of white women and 20 percent of African-American and Mexican-American women have iron-deficiency anemia. Several groups are particularly at risk: 1. Women of childbearing age, who lose blood every month through their periods, 2. Pregnant women, who are using more blood to help their babies grow, and 3. Vegetarians, whose diets may be lower in iron than average.,

Sadly, it can be difficult to raise your iron levels through diet alone. That’s where iron supplements come in.

Floradix® to the Rescue!

Floradix® Iron + Herbs is the best-selling iron supplement in North America. Why? It’s got several things going for it. First, it’s a low-dose, non-constipating formula, so it won’t bind you up the way most iron products do. Second, it’s made with whole-food concentrates and B and C vitamins for enhanced absorption. And third, it actually tastes good, so you’ll want to take it every day. Floravital® Iron + Herbs has all the benefits of regular Floradix but without the yeast and gluten for those on restricted diets.

Once your iron levels are up, you should start feeling more energetic. And who knows? You might feel less overwhelmed by your latest Zoom call snafu, more patient with your slacker kids, and more ready to go take a hike in the fall colors, buy apples at the farmers’ market, or visit your local pumpkin patch.

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