The Essence of Flora

The Essence of Flora
In 1992, Flora began producing Flor·Essence as an herbal cleansing tea. We didn’t know it at the time, but this was just the beginning of what has now become a popular line of liquid, herbal products that distill the essence of traditional herbal formulas that target different bodily systems to support their health and well-being.
  1. Flor·Essence: the original, gentle, whole body detox and cleansing tea

  2. Cardio·Essence: the cardiovascular system, a healthy heart

  3. Sleep·Essence: the nervous system and sleep

  4. Respir·Essence: the respiratory system, cough, and bronchitis

  5. Cran·Essence: to help treat and prevent urinary tract infections and support urinary system overall health and functioning

All of our Essence tonics share certain features in terms of how they are made from the very beginning:
  • Quality standards: heavy metals, pesticides, identity, microbiologicals, stability/shelf life, organic when possible.
  • Formulation: based on traditional herbal usage.
  • Manufacturing: Each herb is extracted individually; herbs with volatile oil components, such as Thyme are done separately from others; this helps to retain active ingredients. Roots are done separately from aerial/herbal portions by decoction. All are extracted for a lengthy period of time with water controlled at, or near boiling, and then strained using Flora’s centrifuge system and high-grade filtration (as opposed to recently boiled water sitting in a cup for 10 minutes when you make a cup of tea at home).
  • This results in a more concentrated liquid (dosages involving several tablespoons per day rather than several cups per day) than making herbal teas at home, is more convenient to consume and typically contains more active ingredients from the herbs.
  • For example, concentration of Flor·Essence compared to a typical herbal tea bag:
    • Flor·Essence has 614 mg of herbs in each 30 mL/1 fl. oz. This would be 4.9 g in an 8 oz. cup. A typical tea bag contains 2 g to make in an 8 oz. cup. This is why we refer to Flor·Essence as a tea concentrate that should be mixed with water.
You can check out our website for more information on each of these: Flor·Essence: (US/CA) Cardio·Essence: (US/CA) Sleep·Essence: (US/CA) Respir·Essence: (US/CA) Cran·Essence: (US/CA) Have you tried any of our Essence line before? Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!
About the Author: Robert Dadd
Robert’s interest in herbs, supplements and health began in university and was further influenced by several years of work and travel throughout India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Japan. He has completed a BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada and completed 3 years of study with Dominion Herbal College resulting in a Master Herbalist diploma. His areas of interest include research into adaptogens, probiotics and essential fatty acids. He currently works with Flora Manufacturing and Distributing as the Product Information Supervisor in the Product Information Department. He has written numerous articles for publications in the US and Canada like alive, Taste for Life, Tonic and Viva magazine.