Gas and Bloating? Enzymes to the Rescue!

Gas and Bloating? Enzymes to the Rescue!
“I fit into these jeans yesterday and now I’m too bloated to zip all the way up!” We’ve all been there! Not a great way to feel when the big B hits. Bloat is the ugly cousin to gas because that air has to escape our bodies somehow. Two undesirable side effects that make us question, “Was that deep fried Oreo worth it?” Well, if you can put on sweats and let it rip in the comfort of your own home, then heck yeah. But most likely, the gastrointestinal discomfort outweighs the deep fried affair. I’m all in for a tootin’ good time, but don’t worry, I won’t leave you bustin' at the seams and blasting your dog! I’ve got your back (side) covered.

Even with the best choices or habits, at times we need a top of the line helper. Flora Daily Maintenance Enzyme Blend is one of those supplements that should have permanent residence in your purse or cabinet. The benefits and relief provided for proper digestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, and indigestion are unparalleled. Especially beneficial for diets high in protein and fiber but equally as important for those eating processed foods, as they lack the enzymes needed for a happy digestive system.

Nerd out with me for a moment while I brag. Flora Adult Enzymes contains 7 full-spectrum, high protease active vegetarian enzymes supporting the digestion of fats, a high protein/low carb diet, and relieving symptoms affiliated with gallbladder insufficiency. Food processing and cooking is like euthanasia to our natural digestive enzymes. Because those enzymes are heat sensitive, almost 100% are destroyed, leading to our pancreas putting in time and a half like everyday is a holiday. Just as you’d be annoyed, the pancreas takes it out on us with indigestion. Replacing these enzymes and making everyone comfortable is as easy as popping one capsule at the beginning of your meal. Think of your enzyme as a door prize for your gut! All right, lets get down and dirty with the foods creating these dirty sounds and tummy feelings. Become a menu master and steer clear of dairy, artificial sweeteners, and eating rich and fatty foods. Fat likes to take its sweet time digesting—meaning it vacations in our stomachs a lot longer, causing bloating. I applaud you for swapping out your high fructose soda for a fizzy mineral water. Just know any type of carbonation causes a bubble bash, resulting in air coming out the top or bottom end and the fizz blowing up your belly like a balloon. Moderation my friends. Unless it’s a girls night and you need to blow off some steam from all vessels. Other treats that cause an excess of air to be swallowed? Chewing gum, hard candy, and straws (which are deadly to the aquatic environment, but that’s a whole other blog post. Though, Shamu will thank you for tossing the plastic).

The most popular is a food I’ll bet money you’ll guess...beans and lentils! See, you owe me 5 bucks.

I’m always telling clients to eat their vegetables, especially the green ones. Yep, I have favorites. You might have a hard time digesting the gassy ones like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and collard greens. Any of those veggies dancing in a skillet with olive oil and garlic is heaven for you but not your date. The side effects can limit second date chances real quick. One sexy bend over interrupted by a back blast and goodbye romance, hello friend zone. Think of Flora Enzyme blend as your digestive wingman. Everyone enjoys a good burp or fart every now and again, but if your nickname is Toot Monster and you’re constantly huddled over with tummy pain, you better befriend Flora Adult Enzyme Blend, like right now. Why are you still reading this blog my friend? Hop on over to the Flora site now and gift your gut relief today!
About the author: Jill Anenberg Lawrence
I’ve always lived a healthy life and found myself constantly giving nutrition and fitness tips to others. I decided to make this love affair official by receiving expert training as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and studying under Dietician Keri Glassman becoming Nutritious Life Certified. I am also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching