Love Your Mother (Earth)

In some countries, Earth Day is called Mother Earth Day. That’s a recognition that nature is our source, our wellspring. Without the Earth, we wouldn’t exist. That’s why we consider it a central part of our mission at Flora to delivery eco-friendly products from herbs that are grown, processed, and packaged in a sustainable way and to make our headquarters as green as possible. And to keep us focused on these goals, we have established an active Health and Safety Committee.

We’re all about the plants

It all starts with our ingredients. We love plants. Seriously, it’s right there in our name. Whether it’s the algae, seeds, or olives in our plant-based omegas, the elderberries or beets in our vacuum-dried crystals, we’re all about the plants. In fact, if it’s in our products, chances are pretty good it once grew on the planet. Providing a wide selection of plant-based products is our way of reducing over-reliance on animals for nutrition.

But we love people too

In addition to being environmentally responsible, we also believe in being socially responsible. We’re proud of our diverse workforce, and we source many of our ingredients from family-owned companies, organic farmers, and sustainable, women-led businesses that engage in fair trade. For example, our Sacha Inchi oil creates jobs in Peru that offer alternatives to environmentally destructive industries. Our Manuka honey is produced by a sustainable, Maori-owned operation in New Zealand.

Plastic, not so much

Next comes packaging. Our packing materials (and even our tea bags!) are biodegradable. We have always emphasized reusable, recyclable materials like our trademark glass bottles with metal lids. But when we can do better, we do. Our probiotics come in blister packs that have a smaller carbon footprint than glass because they are lighter, use less material, and consume less energy to produce and transport.

Green is for offices, too

We don’t just consider the environment in the fields or factories we work with. Flora offices are an eco-friendly (and fun) place to work. We use the most sustainable office equipment we can find, including some made from recycled materials. We minimize printing, and the paper we use is made from sugar cane and wheat straw. We reduce energy use with programmable thermostats, LED lights, and motion-sensor equipped lighting. Staff have use of a full kitchen with blenders and cookware so they can cook their own lunches rather than buying take-out. Of course, we compost and recycle.

To encourage our staff to bike or run to work, we provide a sheltered area to park bikes and lockers for gear, and we offer incentives to carpool or use public transportation. Our Lynden, Washington location has a community garden, and our Burnaby, British Columbia office is located along the Fraser river, where we take our employees on educational herb walks. We also enjoy walking along the river to observe the abundant wildlife and decompress in nature on our lunch breaks.

Happy Earth Day!

At Flora, we believe in the power of herbs to regenerate. But we also think it’s our responsibility to help the Earth regenerate, too. Thank you for helping us do that and Happy Earth Day!