The Real Immune Booster You’ve Been Looking For

We all know that vitamin C is the poster child immune booster. But there’s something else you should actually be grabbing when you feel that pesky cold coming on: probiotics. Why?
Because your immune system starts in your gut. Yup, your gut health and your immune system are tied together like two peas in a pod against sickness. “A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract,” says Dan Peterson, assistant professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. While bacteria get a bad rap, the good kind of bacteria is something you need to keep your gut in balance for an overall-healthier you.

Probiotics get their immune booster abilities from warding off the inflammatory response in your gut.

This is good news for those who often find themselves in a losing battle during cold season. When your gut is fighting inflammation, you’re far more likely to come down with the flu or a cold. This means taking a probiotic keeps your inflammation response from triggering, which keeps your immune system strong and colds at bay. There’s a lot more to gut health than an upset stomach or indigestion. Stay ahead of the game and keep your good bacteria happy and thriving. You can ward off that holiday-ruining virus or cold before it starts.

Flora’s multi-strain probiotic blends are made using human-adapted strains.

Our whole line of probiotics provides both age-specific and condition-specific support to keep your immune system as strong as it can be during cold season.* This fall go beyond vitamin C and get to the source of your immune system’s health by taking care of your gut health with Flora probiotics.* Say so long to sick days!
Hillary Eaton is a Los Angeles based food and travel writer whose work has appeared in such publications as VICE, Food & Wine, Refinery 29, Complex and Los Angeles Times.
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