Relief For Your Pets' Allergies

Relief For Your Pets' Allergies

Relief and quality of life in three easy steps with or without drugs

The rate of skin disease in our pets will continue to rise with the rise in pollution concentration. This is inevitable but the symptoms are not completely out of our control. The cause is the nutritional imbalance wedded to ever-increasing pollution. As much as the pollutants in our environment from our new-age technologies are to blame for these reactions we have some control over that internal inflammatory load. Diet dictates this cellular activity. You can make food choices and supplement additions that put out the inflammatory fire and neutralize the histamine response naturally from the inside out, despite the outside-in trigger contact.


STEP 1 – Improve the diet. Remove sources of oxidized fatty acids from the diet such as those common to processed foods including rancid treats. A move to fresher whole sources of nutrition helps improve cellular balance improving tolerance to allergens and illness in general.

Some animals tolerate processed foods better than others and for longer in their lives than certain animals. However, even in these seemingly healthy animals, the elimination of this underlying metabolic strain allows for spontaneous improvement in skin and coat health in just days. It also improves general health and supports resilience to illness and premature aging.

STEP 2 – Improve cellular fatty acid balance. Supplement this new whole food nutrition with an animal-specific ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids to restore a neutral inflammatory response in the cells. In fact, these special fatty acids are used by the cells to manufacture hormones involved in regulating inflammation – eicosanoid hormones. These eicosanoid hormones lead to the production of inflammatory prostaglandins, clot advancing thromboxanes, bronchial tube- and blood vessel-restricting leukotrienes and even irregular production of prostacyclins. Current research shows that long-term elevation of some prostacyclins is linked to increased risk for tumors including cancers. Neutralizing these eicosanoids through STEPS 1 and 2 reduces these risks.

Correcting this eicosanoid balance through the administration of STEPS 1 and 2 helps neutralize elevated subclinical inflammation to reduce allergy symptom intensity in part or completely.

Fatty Acid supplementation, however, is not a ‘one fits all’ solution. A fatty acid supplement for dogs must be carefully proportioned to fit this species-specific metabolism. In this case, a meticulous ratio of flaxseed, olive, and fish oil will offer a precise ratio between essential omega-3 and essential omega-6 and then again a precise proportion of the omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids. Supplementing with fish oils alone for their non-essential DHA and EPA contents will only serve as a Band-aid for the problem providing temporary relief.

The fatty acid requirement for cats is different again. And those for humans are again, different from the needs of our pets. Human-intended products will not deliver the best result for our pets. In order to deliver maximum benefit, the ratios of these hormone building blocks must be provided with precision by a product formulated specifically for the species.

Most animals can resist allergies after STEPs 1 and 2 have been administered but other cases may require an added, more direct anti-histamine support. This direct anti-histamine treatment, too, can be accomplished through natural alternatives.

STEP 3 – Regain control over allergies. Many natural bioflavonoids have anti-histamine-like activity and can be used as a natural interception to seasonal allergies. Some vitamins and minerals also contribute to spontaneous histamine control. A natural antihistamine preparation can provide immediate relief if it’s formulated correctly; it must deliver a precise dose of quercetin supported by biotin, zinc, and vitamins E and C. Added grapeseed extract for incremental antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity provides additional support.

Most cases of skin disease respond well enough to the dual – STEP 1 and 2 – nutritional correction to easily eliminate the need for drugs. More difficult cases may require the added power punch support delivered by the natural bioflavonoid system described as STEP 3. Even in these difficult cases, however, the power punch bioflavonoid therapy may only be temporarily required as the fatty acid supplementation and whole food empowers the body with the tools for long-term relief.

Hope for those desperate cases.

There are still those cases that might require the use of pharmaceutical drugs like conventional antihistamines and even corticosteroid drugs like prednisone. Thanks to the existence of these powerful but altered chemical treatments we can provide some relief for these isolated cases. The unfortunate reality is that these foreign drug chemicals can also have significant side-effects. This is especially the case of the dreaded, yet powerfully effective steroids.

In these extreme cases, a switch to the whole food diet accompanied by a properly formulated fatty acid supplement is critical in order for long term success or spontaneous control to be possible. Applying STEPS 1-3 while on the drug is a powerful way to work towards spontaneous control and successful weaning off the drug. As much as these drugs are amazing treatments long term use will result in connective tissue degradation including joint and ligament damage, cardiovascular damage and more. Instilling self-sufficiency independent of the drug, if it is possible, must be the long term goal.

In the case of these more difficult allergies STEPS, 1-3 can be administered while on the drug and then with the prescribing veterinary professional’s awareness, one can try to wean off the drug slowly while cautiously evaluating the health status as the weaning progresses. Most cases successfully transfer to natural therapy without a problem as long as all the natural tools are provided in sufficient amounts to empower healthy, controlled immune system activity.


A supplement formulation that includes the right type, quantity, and proportion of the extracts of quercetin, ginkgo biloba and grapeseed, enzymes including pancrelipase, papain & protease, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and MSM can help regulate inflammation, maintain normal histamine production and healthy immune response. All this is blended into a delivery system of defatted flax, sunflower and sesame meal will improve nutrient absorption, immune health, and balance hormone function. Add a properly balanced Omega-3 supplement to the daily intake and this inflammatory regulation is further enhanced to improve again on that biological age. Prevention is the best cure; get with the program because your pets’ health is in your hands.

BioFATS and BioSKIN&COAT are products that provide in abundance the nutritional elements that your dog or cat needs to have healthy skin and a lustrous coat throughout its lifespan.