#RoséAllDay | Red Beet Crystal Chia Pudding

I read an article recently titled “8 Things that Prove that You’re Basic.” One of them was using the hashtag #RoséAllDay. Well, I guess that makes me pretty darn basic! But I think I’m okay with it ;)

This Rosé Chia Cup, on the other hand, is anything but basic!

What elevates this easy vegan chia pudding recipe and really makes it pop are these Red Beet Crystals from Flora (US/CA)! I think it comes as no surprise that chia pudding has become a staple for me, and I’m sure for many of you fellow vegans, and non-vegans, too! It’s so great and easy to make. I just love how you can dress it up with whatever ingredients are your favorite. I grabbed a to-go chia pudding cup at a shop in Union Station on a trip to Montreal recently. It was a coconut milk base, with almond butter and maple syrup! *drool* Of course, you know I try to live a life that’s all about the health benefits.

Red beets are packed with rich antioxidants and nutrients like:

  • Immune-boosting vitamin C
  • Potassium which is great for nerve and muscle function
  • Manganese which is great for your bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas
Definitely #begoodtoyourbody approved by me!
Something worth mentioning is that while this post is in fact sponsored by Flora, I am truly a big believer in what they stand for. They have a range of products I genuinely love and encourage you to check out (US/CA). Ok, now for the recipe: this towering pudding cup! <84> Red Beet Crystals are definitely a superfood I like to keep stocked in my pantry. They add pops of color and health benefits to so many meals!

What are some superfoods you like to keep stocked in your pantry?!

Nick Joly is a self-confessed health-nut who loves getting creative in the kitchen. When not sharing recipes and lifestyle inspiration on his blog & Instagram, he can be found either at the yoga studio getting his namaste on, or at the grocery store joyously discovering new products to use at home.