The Summer Travel Checklist You Really Need

From catching a bug en route to your dream destination to indulging in some unsettling local eats or the unhealthy airport snacks along the way, there are all sorts of ways your summer travel plans can be dashed if you aren’t prepared.

Don’t fret, our fail-safe travel health checklist has everything you need to keep on keeping on and enjoy summer travel to the fullest.

You don’t wing your travel plans so don’t wing your health. Travel like one of the pros this summer and bring along some essential moves and must-packs to keep yourself in tip-top travel shape. After all, summer should be about more sight-seeing and beach lounging than bathroom or bed dwelling.

1.Drink LOTS of water (like way more than you think)

And here’s why: 75 percent of all Americans (!!!) are actually chronically dehydrated, drinking less than half the suggested amount of water per day (10 glasses, in case you were wondering). While this is a problem any time, it’s especially bad when you travel as you face adverse climates in new destinations and long hours sight-seeing or under the sun. Plus, flying ravages your body of necessary hydration—up to two liters on a 10-hour flight even if you continue to drink water—which leads to decreased organ functions and a compromised immune system. No bueno, guys. So, like they say: chug! chug! chug! We like bringing a reusable water bottle on our travels so we can sip away all day.

2.Pack travel probiotics

If there’s one thing you can do to ensure you make the most of your summer travel plans, it’s stocking up on stuff to keep your stomach settled. The most convenient way to keep things in balance while traveling is Flora’s Travel Care Probiotic (US/CA). A clinically proven single-strain probiotic that’s been shown to help reduce incidents of the dreaded trip-ruining traveler’s diarrhea and antibiotic-associated diarrhea while combating pathogenic “bad” bacteria, these probiotics are your travel lifesaver* With over 5 billion good, gut-loving probiotic cells in our shelf-stable vegetarian capsules, keeping ahead of a rumbling stomach has never been easier while you’re on the go. Just pop one or two capsules a day to keep travel-related stomach worries at bay.*

3. Keep your immune system happy

Traveling is notorious for compromising your immune system. While you don’t want to slow down when you’re touring through Rome or running after a tribe of little ones, you have to make sure to take care of one of your body’s most important systems to avoid summer sickness. Thankfully, our Elderberry Crystals (US/CA) (hallelujah) can be easily added to anything from your water (see #1) to a glass of lemonade (yum!) or even a glass of prosecco (you are on vacation, after all) for a tart, immunity-boosting pick me up.* Not much of an elderberry fan? We have Acerola Powder (US/CA)! A Brazilian cherry with some seriously high levels of vitamin C that can be used in all the same ways, giving you a major immune boost.*
  1. Snack smart

Big days while traveling can leave you feeling hangry. But don’t let travel break all that good work you do taking care of yourself—save the splurge meals for real splurges, not just chips. Instead, grab yourself a pack of Baobites (US/CA), our super fruit snacks loved equally by kids and adults. Made from the baobab African superfood tree, these fruit flavored gummies give you an antioxidant and vitamin C boost perfect to help pick up some pep in your step come that afternoon slump. Guilt-free snacking, here we come!
  1. Wear sunscreen

Yes, just like the Baz Luhrman song. But seriously, sunstroke and sunburns can put a real damper on your vacation, not to mention your serious long-term health. Studies show that just five blistering burns in your life can lead to a whopping 80 percent increase in the development of skin cancer melanoma. Don’t let a burn take you out of the sun and make it hard to sleep, only to come back to haunt you some later summer down the line. If you want to be extra cautious, a hat and sunglasses are just the trick.
Hillary Eaton is a Los Angeles based food and travel writer whose work has appeared in such publications as VICE, Food & Wine, Refinery 29, Complex and Los Angeles Times.