Supercharge your Summer with Gandalf Spirulina and Astaxanthin

Supercharge your Summer with Gandalf Spirulina and Astaxanthin

One aspect of Flora’s product line has been the full embrace of all things algae. We were one of the first onto the market with our DHA Vegetarian Algae – a fish-free, sustainable source for this key omega-3 fatty acid. We continued this theme by joining forces with Gandalf products – a Canadian brand from the company VieSun, which has been around in the province of Quebec since 1994. Gandalf Spirulina™ and Astaxanthin represent more algae super foods - Arthrospira platensis and Haematococcus pluvialis being the algae species in question. In the case of spirulina, it’s not only a nutrient-dense, superfood – it’s also space food, having been used by NASA for astronauts. Not all spirulina and astaxanthin are made with equal care and quality though – attention to these aspects are what truly elevates and sends Gandalf’s versions into a higher orbit.

Gandalf’s organic spirulina is made in Mongolia, in a remote desert environment that gets 3000+ hours of sunshine per year. Using covered ponds and underground desert aquifer water, they’re able to produce high quality spirulina year round. Vie Sun tests their spirulina for 15 key quality control markers and uses independent labs to verify results for things like heavy metals, protein content, microbiology, and fatty acid content. Even though their aquaculture is a controlled system, they also include testing for contaminant toxins that can appear in wild grown spirulina, like microcystins and BMAA. Their spirulina even meets the exacting standards or California’s Prop 65 regulations for contaminants.

If there’s a food that has a higher protein content than spirulina, it must be so obscure that few have heard of it. 60% protein by weight is nearly double the next most cited examples of high protein foods (like chicken and turkey). Beta carotene, iron, calcium, the liver protectant antioxidants phycocyanin and super oxide dismutase, chlorophyll, zeaxanthin/lutein, B vitamins, and vitamin K round out some of the other key nutrients found in Vie Sun’s Gandalf Spirulina.

For their astaxanthin, it’s a pure, natural antioxidant made from algae as well. In this case, it’s produced in Canada, indoors in bioreactors using solvent free, low temperature, oil extraction called infusion. Astaxanthin stands tall in a marketplace that is full of antioxidant products. It is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, protect and support eye health and supports exercise performance and endurance. More powerful than vitamins C, A, E, and other antioxidants like pycnogenol, astaxanthin owes a lot to its unique structure and ability to protect both water and fat-based tissue and cell membranes. It’s able to cross the blood-brain and blood-retina barriers, allowing it to protect and support eye and brain health.

Finally, Gandalf emphasizes quality and potency with their packaging: their products use a light and oxygen resistant, resealable aluminum foil bag with a very thin, transparent plastic food grade layer inside. Their BPA, BPS, and phthalate free packaging is designed to keep air and light out to retain freshness and potency – especially important for sensitive nutrients like spirulina and astaxanthin.

Check out our site for more details on these amazing additions to our product line and feel the difference in health and vitality they can make for yourself. Enjoy 15% off using code ‘gandalf15’ at checkout. For Canada