Finding a Way in the Winter


Well, it's that time of year where it starts to get dark at 5 pm, it's COLD in the morning, and our motivation to exercise starts to wane. It's tough, I get it—finding a way to fit in some "me" time and exercise takes a bit of planning this time of year, but we all have to face it. Sometimes, once you're out the door, it can make all the difference in your day. Here are a couple of ways to find that motivation and get yourself out the door.

Early Morning

Keep it simple. I find running to be the simplest. Throw on some shoes and some warm clothes and head out. You warm up quick, you get a good workout in a short amount of time, and you get some time outside.

It’s hard to get out the door if it’s cold. Dress in layers and a little warmer to start. You can peel off layers as you warm up.

Plan a warm bowl of oatmeal for when you get back or have the automatic coffee machine ready to go. Add a couple tablespoons of Flora’s Omega Sport+ in your oatmeal to make it a more complete morning meal.


A noon session is much easier for some of us but takes a little thinking ahead. Put it on your calendar the night before to pack some extra clothes for a quick noon workout.

If it’s easy to just keep working a little longer, find a co-worker or two to hold you accountable. Plan your workout together so you all have to drop your work and get moving.

In the Evening

Since it's cold and dark after work, why not hit the gym? Some of us like the gym and others of us don't. I typically don't, but I'll tell you what: I've grown to like the gym in the winter. I can set a consistent pace on the treadmill, work on other strength exercises I don't normally get to work on, and it's WARM!

If you’re heading outside, layer up, prepare for the weather with good gear and stay visible to others with lights and/or reflective gear. I hate to say it, but sometimes all the motivation you need to make your outdoor workout motivating is to buy a new piece of fun gear that you’re excited to use.

I have a really hard time getting out the door in the winter, but once I'm outside, I enjoy it almost every time. From the crisp quiet mornings to the silence of running through the snow, to the primal feel of running through a storm, every time is unique and different and can turn a stressful day upside down. Find a way to motivate yourself this winter and get moving. Staying in shape will be a great reward come spring.

Max King is a Flora Ambassador and Salomon Running athlete living and working in Bend, OR. He has as much trouble with motivation this time of year as everyone else and hates being cold!