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herbal medicinal tea for comfortable breathing in biodegradable tea bags

Breathe Well Tea | Tisane Respire-bien

Sip, savour, and breathe in the subtle notes of thyme, mixed with sweet licorice root, fennel, and more, in comforting, warming, and aromatic Flora Breathe Well Tea. Aside from its...
bronchial tea with soothing herbs

Bronchial Tea | Tisane Bronchite

Savour the sweet blend of soothing mallow flower, sweet licorice root, fennel seed, and more, and breathe a little easier with Flora Bronchial Tea. The ingredients in this calmative blend...
Bye Bye Cold herbal tea to help relieve cold and allergy symptoms

Bye Bye Cold Tea | Tisane Adieu rhume

Embrace the soothing power of crisp peppermint, invigorating ginger, refreshing eucalyptus, and more, with a hot mug of Bye Bye Cold Tea. With its mix of supportive ingredients that have...
calming herbal tea in biodegradable teabags

Calming Tea | Tisane Apaisante

Put 10 unique herbs, including earthy stinging nettle and dandelion, calming chamomile and fragrant linden flower, to work for you to cleanse and calm your system, with Flora Calming Tea....
heart and cardiovascular health supplement liquid with hawthorn


When it comes to men’s and women’s wellness, cardiovascular health is at the heart of the matter. In North America, heart disease is the leading cause of death. Focusing on...
supplements for varicose vein appearance, assistance with vein swelling


$34.19From $29.06
The heaviness, swelling, and knotted appearance of varicose veins can be a source physical and emotional discomfort for those who are afflicted. Thankfully, there is hope for relief, naturally. Flora’s...
herbal tea for clear skin and relief from eczema symptoms: Clear Skin Tea by Flora Health

Clear Skin Tea | Tisane Belle peau

It's the largest organ in the human body, so when something's not right, it's hard to ignore. Thankfully, if you suffer from skin conditions like eczema, there is hope for...
vegetarian probiotic capsules with 34 billion viable cells at time of manufacture

Complete Care Probiotic | Probiotique complet

Flora’s Complete Care Probiotic is a full-spectrum blend of six strains of “good” bacteria, professionally formulated to provide balance to the entire intestinal tract. Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are two probiotic...
cranberry rooibos red tea, organic and caffeine-free cranberry tea

Cranberry with Rooibos Tea | Tisane Canneberge avec rooibos

Infuse your day with a fresh pop of fruity flavor, with a smooth finish, with Flora Cranberry with Rooibos Tea. This flavorful and sweet tea brings together the bold taste...
UTI supplements with cranberry and herbs to support a healthy urinary tract


Cran•Essence is a full spectrum-blend of 9 herbs in a base of cranberry juice concentrate that promotes and maintains normal urinary tract health. Cranberries contain naturally occurring proanthocyanidins and organic...
Daily vegetarian enzyme supplements by Flora Health to assist digestion

Daily Maintenance Enzyme | Enzymes entretien quotidien

$18.49From $15.71
Help promote good digestion and overall health with Flora’s Daily Maintenance Enzyme, an all-around digestive enzyme combination. This blend supports the breakdown of nutrients for absorption by replacing natural enzymes...
daily vegan multivitamin with vitamins A, C, D3, E and B by Flora Health

Daily Multi Essentials+ | Multivitamines Essentielles+ quotidiennes

Flora’s Daily Multi Essentials+ are rich in antioxidants vitamins A, C and E, protecting cells from free radicals, and include a full range of B vitamins for energy production. This comprehensive vitamin and...
immune boost herbal tea with 94% organic ingredients, caffeine-free Depp Defense tea

Deep Defense Tea | Tisane Défense optimale

Bringing together an elaborate mosaic of herbs and flavors, including delicately sweet astragulus, juicy cranberry, crisp peppermint, earthy echinacea, and more, Flora Deep Defense Tea is a unique tonic with...
DHA gel capsules from vegetarian algae by Flora Health

DHA - Vegetarian Algae | DHA végétarien à  base d'algue

Looking to up your omega-3s sustainably? Go straight to the source with Flora DHA Vegetarian Algae. Fish get their omega-3s from eating algae, so we're cutting out the middle man...
DHA flax oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA to support health, made with Canadia flaxseeds

DHA Flax Oil | Huile de lin DHA

Looking for an alternative to fish-sourced DHA oils? Flora's DHA Flax Oil is a vegetarian source of unrefined DHA, blended with organic Flora Flax Oil, providing a DHA from tank-grown...
digestion supplement tea made from medicinal herbs in biodegradable tea bags

Digestion Tea | Tisane Digestive

If you suffer from digestive disturbances, Flora has a soothing tea that may be able to offer some relief. Flora Digestion Tea contains a blend of herbs traditionally used in...
organic ginger herbal tea with strong ginger taste

Double Ginger Tea | Tisane Double gingembre

Get a double dose of spicy ginger, with Flora Double Ginger Tea. The sharp aroma and flavor of this warming tea packs a strong dose of ginger, spiked with black...
echinacea elderberry herbal tea with cranberry, caffeine-free elderberry red tea

Echinacea Elderberry Tea | Tisane Échinacée sureau

Sip and savor sweet elderberries and tangy cranberries, mixed with soothing South African rooibos, with Flora Echinacea Elderberry Tea. Bringing together the time-honored power of echinacea with additional fruity and...
brain booster for concentration, learning, and brain function helping with symptoms of ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia

Efalex® Brain Booster

$31.69From $26.93
Give your kids the boost they may need and set them up for success in school, and beyond, with the help of the unique blend of long-chain Essential Fatty Acids...
brain health and function supplement for kids, lemon lime liquid supplement for concentration

Efalex® Liquid Lemon & lime | Liquide aromatisé de citron et lime

Help your kids to bridge the learning gap and give them the boost they may need to succeed in school, and beyond, with the help of the unique blend of...