Super Green Veggie Burger Patties

veggie Burger

Surprisingly, veggie burgers aren’t always the healthiest of burgers.

From filler carbs to highly processed meat alternatives, veggies burgers don’t always fulfill the healthful promise they make and can often be just as unhealthy as their meaty counterparts. Put unhealthy veggie burgers in the past and make your burger truly green with the incorporation of Flora’s Green Blend (US)/Beyond Greens (CA) blend of fermented greens and grasses. Packed with serving after serving of your daily veggie requirement and natural probiotic, these fermented greens-infused patties are the healthy and addictively delicious veggie burger you can feel good about feasting on the next time that burger craving hits you. <77>
About the author: Ellie Bullen @elsas_wholesomelife
Ellie is a 24 year old nutritionist and dietitian from Australia. She follows a plant-based, whole-food diet and shares colorful, healthy food recipes to inspire all to eat more plants! She believes we all need to eat more from the earth and less from a box and that prevention is the best medicine, and a healthy lifestyle is the best investment you can possibly make.