Autumn Elderberry Immune Bars

Autumn Elderberry Immune Bars
Makes 8-12 bars Fudgy in texture but just slightly sweet, these are great as breakfast, for a snack or healthy dessert


1 cup chickpeas (rinse and drain well)
3/4 cup canned or pureed pumpkin
1/2 cup oats (rolled oats/oatmeal)
3/4 cup date paste
4 scoops Elderberry Crystals
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup pumpkin seeds
1 cup cocoa powder


    • Preheat oven to 350° degrees F.
    • Line an 8x8 inch pan, leaving some overhang.
    • Add chickpeas, pumpkin, oats, date paste, Elderberry Crystals, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt to a large high-powered blender or food processor and process. Scrape the sides of the machine down a few times to ensure even mixing. Run the machine until the mixture is very smooth.
    • Add pumpkin seeds and cocoa powder to blender/food processor or mix in by hand until well combined.
    • Scrape mixture into the lined pan.
    • Bake for 18 minutes.
    • Let cool completely before transferring to the refrigerator. Cold bars cut more cleanly* than room temperature bars, so refrigerate before cutting*. Store in the refrigerator in a sealed container and eat within 3-5 days.

    Optional toppings Elderberry pumpkin butter

    A healthy frosting for your bars is a great way to use up extra pumpkin and makes it possible to easily stick chocolate chips or more pumpkin seeds on top!

    4 tbsp nut butter, or allergy-friendly sub
    3 tbsp canned or pureed pumpkin
    ½ tsp cinnamon
    1 scoop Elderberry Crystals
    Optional: sweetener of choice, to taste

      Other topping ideas: chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, sprinkle of salt


      *To get really nice-looking bars, fully cool them on a cooling rack before removing from the pan, to ensure they don’t sweat. Cover and place them in the refrigerator to chill. Remove and cut prior to serving. **When baking bars in an 8 x 8-inch pan, we usually cut the batch into 16 bars. They will each be slightly under 2×2 inches. For nice, even bars, make your first cut down the middle, rotate the pan and make a second, perpendicular cut down the middle. From there, each of the four squares can be subdivided into 4 more squares.