Spring Cleaning

Our bodies are meant to naturally cleanse themselves of toxins; however, in today’s modern, industrialized world, the human body has to process more toxic chemicals than ever before. Air pollution from factories and motor vehicles, pesticides in farming, and chemicals from manufacturing that end up in our soil, water, and food supply have all been linked to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, endocrine disorders, and more. Using cleansing herbs as part of a daily ritual of drinking tea can be a simple way to support your liver and kidneys and help counteract this accumulation of toxins and wastes. Spring has traditionally been a time for cleansing due to long winters where we may have been less physically active, indulged a little more than usual in food and drink, and been more likely to come down with colds and flu. Here are some excellent cleansing herbs and plants from our Flor·Essence® Herbal Tea that can help you cleanse your body at the cellular level: Blessed thistle clears liver congestion and supports skin detoxification. This bitter plant is also a digestive tonic that stimulates gastric juices to relieve indigestion. Burdock is an antioxidant and cleansing herb that supports liver functioning. It has also been used traditionally for skin issues like dry skin and eczema. Kelp is a mineral-rich seaweed that promotes healthy bowels. Kelp contains more than two dozen important minerals, and helps soothe and detoxify the bowels. Sheep sorrel is known to be a diuretic and gentle laxative that cleanses the bowels. Slippery elm is a nourishing bark powder that is known for its soothing, mucilaginous effects on the stomach lining. Turkish rhubarb is a bitter herb with laxative properties that stimulates the whole digestive system. Red clover is traditionally used as an expectorant and cleanser for skin conditions. Watercress is used for its detoxifying and restorative properties. It is also known for being a diuretic. Our kidneys and liver are the two major organs that do the heavy lifting of detoxifying wastes and toxins that we take in from food and the environment. They “clean the blood”, break down and neutralize wastes and toxins, and send waste products on for elimination via the colon and in urine. The herbs in Flor·Essence®, with their diuretic effects and promotion of healthy digestion and elimination support these natural detoxification processes. Our kidneys and liver are very resilient and good at their job but sometimes, due to aging, chronic stress, poor diet, and increased modern exposure to toxins, they could use some help and support. The synergy of the 8 herbs in Flor·Essence® comes together to help your body gently draw out, break down, and eliminate these wastes and toxins so that you can function at your best. Think of Flor·Essence® as the antidote to the build-up of debris that accumulates over time in our organs and cells and a thorough, several weeks of cleansing as the doorway to a more radiant you.