Celebrate Fathers

Celebrate Fathers
It’s been a long year for everyone, and that goes for dads, too. Maybe the special dad in your life has been moonlighting as a second-grade math tutor between Zoom calls. Or perhaps he’s dropping by his grown kids’ house to do some home repairs while overwhelmed parents try to be parents and worker bees at the same time. It’s time to give all the dads some love on their special day! What to get dear old Dad? The answer is, of course, it depends. There are as many ways to honour the dads in your life as there are dads. Some fathers are athletic, while some are movie buffs or foodies. Father’s Day is the perfect day to organize some family fun, based on what he’d like best. (Check out this article in Good Housekeeping for these and more ideas.)
  • If Dad is the active type, it’s time for everyone to move with him. A family bike ride, a swim in a nearby lake or river, or a hike in a beautiful place that’s special to him is just the ticket. Or make a weekend out of it and go camping.
  • If he’s more of a homebody, maybe lawn games like croquet or badminton would be up his alley. The equipment could be the first part of the present, everyone joining in the fun would be the second.
  • Does Dad have a favourite film? Pop some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch for a family movie night. If there are kids at home, pick something that’s family-friendly but not animated for a change. (Unless he’s into anime… then go for it.) If you can get your hands on a projector, try hanging a sheet against the wall of the house and screen the movie outside.
  • If your favourite dad is something of a ham, there’s always living room karaoke. Introduce the kids to the songs of his youth, whether that’s Elvis, the Beatles, or Jackson 5 for Gramps, or Led Zeppelin, Prince, Garth Brooks, or the Metallica for Dad.
  • Everyone likes to eat. A brunch or picnic with Dad’s favourite foods is sure to please. How about adding some of the following delectable recipes to the menu? Caesar salad, fruit salad, grilled portobellos, rosemary skewered vegetables, falafel, sparkling ginger beet lemonade, and honey-mint-lime popsicles.
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