Celebrate Mothers

Celebrate Mothers
It’s May, which means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s been a long, strange year, and in many families, the person holding it all together has been Mom — whether she’s got little ones at home all day, every day or college kids who’ve flown back to the nest to attend school from their childhood bedrooms. Maybe a bouquet of roses or carnations isn’t gonna cut it this year. So, how can you honor the moms in your life? You can still buy the flowers, of course. (Who doesn’t like flowers?) But in addition, consider these thoughtful options:
  • Make a donation to a cause near her heart, whether that’s a local food pantry, an environmental organization, or a group that raises money for a disease that’s touched her family. If nothing else, this year has taught us the importance of giving back.
  • If you’re lucky enough to live with a mom or near your own mother, a small outdoor brunch with a few family members and all her favorite treats is sure to please. There are plenty of drool-worthy Mother’s Day brunch recipes here, from savory to sweet.
  • If you’re on the other side of the country, honor the special mom (or moms) in your life by organizing a Zoom celebration with her kids and grandkids.
  • If Mom has small children or grandkids, help them make a homemade gift. These DIY projects are not only simple for kids to make (with assistance), they’re a cut above the typical Cheerios-on-a-pipe-cleaner bracelet that Moms normally get. Older kids can write a letter showing their love and appreciation.
  • Dig up a garden plot in her yard (or expand an existing one), buy some vegetable and flower starts, and plant them for a gift she’ll appreciate all summer long. No yard? No problem. Use a wine barrel planter instead. Volunteer the kids or grandkids for weeding duty.
  • For active-duty Moms, take the kids out of the house for a few hours. This is a tried-and-true Mother’s Day gift from romantic partners, but if the whole family has been doing work and school from home all year, she’ll appreciate this more than ever. Trust us.
  • Make plans for a get-away, either now or when it’s safe to travel where you live. Arrange the childcare if it’s needed. Even if the trip is a while from now, it will give her something to look forward to.
Need more Mother’s Day gift ideas? Flora has a collection 18 herbal teas for every taste. Is your mother a fan of ginger or peppermint? We’ve got you covered. Is she a world traveler who’s been pining for far-flung places during this year of quarantine? How about Ginseng Rooibos, Green Tea Chai, or Yerba Mate to please her palate with tastes from China, South Africa, India, and South America? Or show her you care about her well-being with Hawthorn for her heart, Holy Basil for her sanity, Lemon-Ginger Echinacea for her immunity, or Sleep Well teas for her slumber. And to sweeten that tea, why not add some Mānuka honey to your mom’s gifts? This special honey comes from eco-friendly, 100% Maori-owned bee farms in New Zealand. Whole Maori families work together to collect the honey, whip it to a delectably creamy texture, and bottle it. When you purchase our Mānuka honey, you show your support for those families while you treat someone at the heart of your own. Happy Mother’s Day from Flora!