Employee Spotlight - Gerardo Quiroz

Here at Flora, we feel as though we’re all one big family. Some of us are new to the company while others have been here for 20+ years. We each bring a unique set of qualities to the company. Therefore, we thought we’d post an employee spotlight from time to time so our subscribers can get to know our employees a little better. Name: Gerardo Quiroz What is Your Role at Flora?: Corporate Operations Manager. I make sure Flora has expansion capabilities for 5 to 10 years ahead of us. I also ensure the company has the resources to keep it running 24/7 if necessary. From facilities and equipment maintenance to sourcing and transforming materials into a finished good, until the product is shipped out to the customers. In essence, it is managing the supply chain, ensuring the customers receive their goods with the quality and value they expected. I also oversee Flora US administration in general from HR to QA/QC for compliance with FDA, US & CBPS, QAI, IRS, WSDOL, WSDOT, USDA, etc. Years with Flora?: 19+ years What brought you to Flora?: The potential for professional growth. At that time, I was interviewing to go into commercial aerospace with Canadian Airlines but Flora offered more opportunities in the long run. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one Flora product with you, what would it be and why?: I would take Green Blend (US)/Beyond Greens (CA) because it is a complete nutritious meal and I could make it last. It’s the weekend, what are you most looking forward to?: Super Bowl LI this weekend. We usually get together with family and friends and we celebrate great championships and eat good food. Morning or night person?: I am both, morning starts early but, is more for myself and my personal ritual like exercise and breakfast, etc. Day time is for work and night is for my family. I usually close my day checking my emails. We all try to eat healthy, but what is your guilty food pleasure?: I eat healthy Monday – Friday but come weekends, I like to barbecue whether it is raining or snowing. Mesquite charcoal grilling is my thing, beef steaks for sure. Favorite quote: Paulo Coelho’s : “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”