Travel Healthy: Keep the Whole Family Well over the Holidays

Nothing spoils a holiday trip like feeling under the weather. Being hit with an immune challenge can make you want to crawl into bed while everyone else is lighting the menorah or trimming the tree. Luckily, we’ve got six tried-and-true tricks for keeping your whole family happy and healthy wherever you travel this holiday season.

Wash your hands

When you travel, you come into close contact with a lot of people in crowded conditions—and you touch what they’ve touched. How many other folks have used that plastic bin in your security line at the airport, touched that light switch in your hotel room, or steered that grocery cart you’re maneuvering for a last-minute shopping trip? Frequent handwashing is one of the most important things you can do to stay well.

Get your ZZZs

Traveling across time zones or staying in a house full of noisy relatives who go to bed or get up at different times than you do can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. But being short on sleep can wear you down quickly. Catch a nap if you’re not getting enough shut-eye at night. If you have small children, be protective of their regular nap schedule, too. Kids are even more vulnerable to sleep disruption than adults. (Not to mention that being around a sleep-deprived little one is enough to make you never want to travel again.)

Make sure to move

Exercise is an immune booster! If you’re staying at a hotel, take advantage of the pool or workout room. If you’re at a relative’s house, suggest a game of touch football or a walk around the neighborhood. Sledding or ice skating are other fun, festive group activities.

Go easy on the sweets

Sugar depresses the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to whatever’s going around. You don’t need to abstain entirely if it wouldn’t feel like the holidays without a slice of pumpkin pie, though. Just indulge in moderation and avoid mindless grazing at holiday buffet tables laden with cookies. The first one always tastes best anyway.

Eat foods high in vitamin C

Most fruits and veggies are good sources of the immune-supporting super-nutrient vitamin C, so if you feel inclined to take seconds of something at a holiday dinner, the cranberry sauce is your best bet. And put an orange in everyone’s stocking to snack on while you open presents.

Make an immune-boosting travel kit

You don’t want to be without your trusty supplements when you travel, so bring ‘em with you. Everyone in the family can benefit from Flora’s Acerola Powder (US/CA). It’s made from Acerola cherries, nature’s richest source of vitamin C, proving 14 times more than oranges. Flora’s Acerola Powder has a delicious, tart taste and blends well into beverages or yogurt. Our immune-supportive Elderberry Crystals (US/CA) come in one formula for adults and one for kids (US/CA).* Our new Elderberry+ Liquid Formula Kids (US/CA) supports a child’s immune system with elderberry, echinacea, and licorice.* All our elderberry products can be taken when an immune challenge strikes or daily to maintain a strong immune system, so you don’t miss any of the holiday fun.
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