Turn up the Beet!

Looking to add a new twist to your summer menu? We’ve got a fresh, seasonal, and colorful option to up the nutrition, fun, and flavor: beets!

Why Beets?

Beets are a good source of folate, a naturally occurring B vitamin used to create new cells and potassium, and useful in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Recently beets have also been credited as benefiting cardiovascular fitness. Their nutritional profile is hard to beat—they’re free of fat and cholesterol, and low in sodium. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the earthy sweetness they bring to the table. Looking for some new and exciting ways to incorporate more beets into your diet? Flora Red Beet Crystals pack a powerful, healthful, and convenient punch. In fact, each 200 g jar contains the equivalent of 5.5 pounds of fresh, organic red beets, making them an ideal way to harness the power of beets. Our fresh summer favorite? Try this Red Beet Lemonade: Lemonade with Honey & Red Beet Crystals <25> Recipe adapted from www.organicspark.com25>