Baobites to Boost Recovery!

Written by Flora Ambassador, Sage Canaday.
Photo Credit: Sandi Nypaver
Sage is an elite mountain ultra-trail runner and road marathoner runner. He is a 3-time winner of the Speedgoat 50km, a 2-time US Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon (2:16 personal best), and he placed 16th at the Boston Marathon in 2015. He lives in Boulder, CO with his girlfriend Sandi and thrives on a plant-based diet.

Everyone wants to know “The Secret” when it comes to boosting athletic performance in a safe and natural way, right? Well, one of my secrets is proper nutrition.

Nutrient timing is important, as are macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins). Other things like fiber, minerals, and antioxidants are also a key part of the puzzle and should be included in your dietary mix. I like to get all these key nutrients from plant sources (high nutrient density)—and a big part of my “plant-based diet” includes fruit! Fruit (especially berries) has been shown to likely reduce oxidative stress from free radicals because it is chock full of antioxidants. What does this mean for your health and athletic performance?

Well, inflammation from micro tears in muscles (that result in delayed onset muscle soreness after a strenuous workout or race) may be reduced with a handful of Flora Baobites (US/CA) or Flora Goji Berries.

Both are rich, natural sources of vitamin C that is essential for human health and well-being. Furthermore, the flavonoid phytonutirents in many of these fruits seem to inhibit xanthine oxidase activity (a contributor to free radicals during exercise). This allows for a quicker recovery between races and other intense sessions. Finally, the nice dose of carbs and fiber from berries provide the body with much needed “clean fuel” for high level athletic performance and health. So next time you’re looking for “the edge” to boost recovery, athletic performance, and overall health be sure to load up on some Baobites!