Eating Clean with Amie Valpone!

Eating Clean by Amie Valpone

We are thrilled to have Amie Valpone from The Healthy Apple guest blog for us today! Read below about her path to wellness and get an exclusive recipe from her new book, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body!

I see people every day who accept too low a quality of life as normal. Ten years ago, I was one of those people. I was working in corporate America, exhausted, stressed out, not taking care of myself and eating what any 20-something gal could afford living in Manhattan. People living like this ignore symptoms such as everyday headaches, exhaustion, sinus pressure, bloating, and weight gain, but what many people do not realize (and what I didn’t realize until a few years ago) is that these symptoms are not normal. Our bodies were built to feel incredible every day, however the majority of us accept feeling tired, bloated, and worn-out and we consider that normal. Throughout the last ten years, I’ve suffered from chronic health issues including Lyme disease, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Candida, C-diff Colitis, Leaky Gut, and more. After spending many painful and exhausting years without relief from western medicine on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs, I chose a different path to heal my body and detox with Functional and Integrative medicine. I soon realized I wasn’t the only one suffering, and through my website,, I started receiving thousands of emails from people who were also suffering and not finding relief or the answers they needed to help them get to the root cause of their unwanted and painful symptoms. That’s when I told myself that if I survived, I would dedicate my life to helping others address the underlying imbalances of their bodies instead of treating their symptoms with a "band-aid" approach. I never want anyone to go through what I went through trying to figure out how to be healthy and detox my body from toxins in a beneficial way. I am ready to hand over the keys to everyone else to shortcut your journey to wellness and save you time, money, and suffering in your journey to wellness with my new cookbook Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. You don’t need to have my symptoms or have chronic illness to benefit from this delicious detox book. You’ll start to realize that we are all in need of a real life detox and body reset to feel incredible. Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve used Flora digestive enzymes with everything I eat to ensure my body is breaking down and assimilating all the nutrients in my food, especially since I had Leaky Gut and I don’t want large pieces of undigested food to enter my bloodstream. I also love using the Flor-Essence Herbal Tea Blend for a boost when I’m detoxing to help my body remove the toxins that are stored inside.

Here is a fun and flavorful recipe from my new cookbook, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body.


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