Why Everyone Is Going Crazy for Elderberry

Elderberry has become super popular lately. Bottles of elderberry capsules line the health food store shelves, crafty moms are blogging about how to make your own elderberry syrup, and chefs are incorporating the dark purple berries into everything from crumbles to coulis.
What’s so great about elderberries?

They’re nutritious.

Elderberries are packed with vitamin C, boasting a whopping 87 percent of the Daily Value (DV) in a one-cup serving of fresh fruit. They’re also full of free radical-fighting phytonutrients such as anthocyanins, quercetin and rutin.* That’s why elderberries’ antioxidant power beats both blueberries and cranberries.<1>

They’ve got history.

When different traditional cultures around the world that have no contact with each other use the same herb for the same purpose, that’s a clue it’s effective. Native Americans to Russians to Germans have all used elderberries in folk remedies. One of the main uses? Strengthening immunity.* When it comes to staying well, it seems people consuming elderberries all those years ago were on to something.*

They’ve got science.

The verdict is in: elderberry works! One study took a clever approach, tracking over 300 people taking long airplane flights—the kind with uncomfortably close quarters and recirculated air… ick! The researchers found that when people took elderberry before their flight, they were slightly less likely to feel under the weather four days afterwards than those taking a sugar pill.* The real difference, though, came in what happened next to the people in both groups who felt a little off. The lucky folks who took elderberry had milder discomfort and were on the mend about twice as quickly.*<2> This study echoes the findings of two other well-designed studies: When you’re unwell, elderberry helps you feel better, faster.*<3>,<4>

They taste amazing.

It’s pretty cool when your immune-boosting tonic isn’t something you dread but something you look forward to.* Elderberry is a sweet fruit, after all, so taking it is downright enjoyable. That goes double for little ones. “It’s good for you” isn’t always a game-changing argument for kids.

Another way to elderberry

Move over, elderberry syrup, there’s another way to get the immune boost of these beneficial berries: elderberry crystals!* Syrups are great and all, but crystals have less sugar and they’re more versatile. You can mix them in your favorite juice, pop them into a smoothie, or add them to sparkling water for a refreshing beverage. Whether you feel a tickle in your throat or you want to build up your immunity for the cold weather months, certified organic Flora Elderberry Crystals (US/CA) and Flora Elderberry Crystals for Kids (US/CA) are a convenient, natural choice.* If you’re looking for a powerful shot of vitamin C, certified organic Flora Acerola Powder (US/CA) is another handy option. It’s made from organic acerola cherry, a tart, tangy fruit that’s one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C in nature. One serving of the powder contains as much vitamin C as 14 oranges! Power up and power on!
*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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