Maximize your Summer Fun

Ready to step things up this summer? Warm summer days, filled with long daylight hours, set the perfect stage for outdoor activities, whether it’s a game of backyard bocce, a tennis match in a neighborhood court, or a multi-day hike in the wilderness.

But while the mild weather tempts high numbers of people outdoors, it also brings with it some challenges. Crossing the line that separates summer fun from muscle cramping, heat stroke, and dehydration can happen in an instant. Plus, chances are by the time you notice it, you’ve already past it. To help you maximize your summer fun, and minimize some of the punishing consequences, we’ve put together a list of our top three tips to take to heart to make sure you’re ready to enjoy the best of the season, and leave the rest.


If the warm weather is inspiring you to get out there and try some new activities, don’t forget to stop and stretch before you get moving. Stretching can help decrease your risk of injuries and help your muscles work most effectively.


We all know that drinking water is key for daily healthful living, but warm weather and exercise increase the need even more. When we sweat, whether from heat, exercise, or both, our body is releasing heat to cool itself down. This results in fluid loss, which can affect normal bodily functions. To counteract this increased loss, focus on hydrating before, during and after summer activities, always keep a bottle of water handy, and refill it every chance you get.

Up Your Magnesium

Magnesium is a key player in a number of muscle functions, including oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance. Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency, which can be caused by loss through sweat and urine, can have a negative effect on athletic performance. Flora Salus Magnesium Liquid (US/CA) helps boost your body’s magnesium levels to support proper muscle function and help you perform your best.