Say “Thanks, Dad” with Heart and Soul

Say “Thanks, Dad” with Heart and Soul

He made up one half of the team that brought you into this world, set you on your path, and guided you along the way. It’s a lifetime of selfless acts, sacrifice, and pure love that deserves some payback, and not the kind that comes from a wallet. This June, give thanks to dad, and show him you care by sharing some time, treats, and healthful tidbits to help him feel the love.

Here are three ways we love to show dad some TLC this father’s day and every day.

Go Green

Start Father’s Day off on a healthful and delicious note with a smoothie so good you may have to work to convince him it’s actually healthy! This Ultimate Green Smoothie (adapted from this recipe) features fresh and flavorful fruit and veggies, creamy nut butter, as well as both Udo’s Oil 3•6•9 Blend (US/CA), rich in essential fatty acids, and Flora’s Green Blend/Beyond Greens, a nutrient-rich blend of fermented grasses, superfoods, and more. So, serve it to him alongside his morning coffee or tea, and he’s sure to feel loved and energized for the day ahead. <53>

Give a Gift That’s Timeless

The one gift that never goes out of style? Time. Therefore, make an investment in dad’s memory bank by planning an excursion to mark the occasion, whether it’s as simple as a stroll through the neighborhood, a movie date, or an adventure further afield to some local hiking trails. Time well spent can be the ultimate gift worth giving

Let Him Eat Cake

All celebrations should end on a sweet note, and Father’s Day is no exception. But a delicious cake with a healthful twist? That’s a dessert that’ll satisfy body, mind, soul, and sweet tooth. With its myriad health benefits, Flora Pumpkin Seed Oil (US/CA) makes a delicious addition to this Pumpkin-Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting that’ll satisfy the toughest critic’s craving, while giving their health a boost thanks to the addition of this unique gourmet oil.53>