Athlete Spotlight - Sage Canaday

“Ever since I have started using Flora Udo’s Oil (US/CA) I have felt more sustained energy levels throughout the course of the day. Whether I’m running up a 14,000 foot mountain or going out for a long trail run, I’ve found that my energy levels remain more constant and that I’m able to perform at a higher level for hours on end.” – Sage Canaday

Name: Sage Canaday Nickname: Cobber Birthday: 11/14/1985 Age I am: 30 Age I feel: 20 My occupation: Pro Mountain-Ultra-Trail Runner & Coach What I do for a living: Run Far, Run Fast! Make Youtube videos. Resident of: Boulder, CO Grew up: Sheridan, OR First job: Scooping ice cream at Cold Stone Childhood ambition: Pro Sprinter at 100m Dodgeball or kickball: Dodgeball Sunrises or sunsets: Sunset on the beach Introvert or extrovert: Introvert in person; extrovert online Morning or night: Night! Messy or clean: I prefer "organized chaos" Tea or coffee: Coffee in the morning, tea at night! Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate Peanut butter or jelly: Peanut butter & honey Mac or PC: Mac Ferris wheel or roller coaster: Roller coaster! Inspired by: My parents Biggest supporter: My girlfriend Sandi Proudest moment: Winning the Ivy League 10km on the track and helping my college team (Cornell University) win the team title Favorite movie: Office Space is pretty funny Passionate about: The environment and health Music when running: My breathing & footsteps One word to describe me: Creative Wouldn’t be caught dead: Taking performance enhancing drugs Not many people know: I'm a southpaw Tattoos: Only the temporary Flora tattoos I put on for races! If I had a superpower: I'd cure cancer Pets: "Pacer" the dog (an Aussie) Perfect day: Sunny, 70 degrees, a nice mountain run, and a nice meal with friends and family I indulge on: Ice cream & beer Hidden talent: Unicycle riding Best gift: The support of my parents early on Workout routine: Run 10-15 miles, abs, healthy food! What I eat before a run: Waffles covered in almond butter & syrup Amazing meal: Pizza! Dessert is: Chocolate chip cookies Midnight snack: Cookies or waffles Flora products I love: Goji Berries, Flora Teas (US/CA), Baobites (US/CA) Average weekly mileage: About 75 miles per week Twitter: Facebook: